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Samsung has made some very good improvements such as the stronger aluminium body, more powerful processor, improved S Pen features, but has also cut down on a couple of important ones along the way. If you have to switch sides, though, better stick with your current ecosystem, as neither one is that more enticing than the other to warrant the swap, unless you are really curious. What Cupertino refuses to offer — be it storage slots, removable batteries or IR emitters — Samsung would.

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To understand what this means, we can look at the various aspects that make up the Galaxy Note5 in contrast to the Galaxy S6. One of the easier places to start is the design, which shares a great deal in common with the Galaxy S6. If you had to pick between the two, the decision might not just come down to specs but things like regional availability and local pricing will also be a factor. Galaxy Note 5 Impressions from a Galaxy user Quelle: Out of five people, three said they liked the handset while two said they preferred the Note 4.

Not only does it sport a similar eye-catching design, but also offers an extra input method with the S Pen stylus tucked in the thin and light chassis.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review: Throw out all the comparisons and view the device for what it is. It has a beautiful design, excellent display, the best camera on the market, and a handy stylus. It may be missing a few things, but overall this is the best Note that Samsung has ever made. After all, a pressure sensitive pen is a bit more useful than a screen that bends around a bit at the sides, right? While the Galaxy Note 4 was launched last year starting at Rs. Both will go on sale starting September 20 in India. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review Quelle: As a daily driver, there is not much to complain about, with the exception of no microSD card slot and no removable battery — both of which came on the Galaxy Note 4.

If you can live without those two things, which I sure can, the Galaxy Note 5 will treat you quite well. I will stick to my guns and claim that the Galaxy Note 5 is an easy pick for Phone of the Year currently, at least until we get our hands on upcoming Nexus devices and the Moto X Pure Edition.

Mobile professionals searching for a smartphone that works just as hard as they do have found their match in the Galaxy Note 5. The only bad point is that the Note 5 would sometimes falsely detect the S Pen detaching — and to point out such a minor fault says a lot about the quality of the handset. For those who expected more, this new iteration feels too much like the Galaxy S6 in terms of what features it leaves out.

It's the fastest large smartphone available, and the S Pen is still a uniquely differentiating feature. But if your dollar is important to you at all, I'd advise waiting to see how the rest of these new phablets look as they come out over the next few weeks. Samsung Galaxy Note5 Quelle: Samsung did make some tweaks on the software side, however, and also added additional memory to these devices 4GB vs.

And now its aesthetics match the price, thanks to a glass back that feels excellent in two hands. Be careful of what you wish for, though. There's no microSD card slot or removable battery anymore. Power users can blame everyone who complained about the company's plastic-clad phones. Whether the Note5 is worth the price premium is up to your individual tastes, needs, and financial situation, which is why we can't straight up recommend it as a better purchase than the LG G4.

But if pure technological enthusiasm, or the need for stylus-driven mobile productivity are the motivating forces in your decision-making process, you will end up happier with the Note5. The two simply did not belong to the same device category. In , however, we have the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note5, which are clear and formidable opponents. But picking a favorite among the two could be tricky.

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The phablets are comparable in terms of display size and overall dimensions. Also, the latest Galaxy Note offering is about as attractive and well-designed as the iPhone 6 Plus. Galaxy Note 5 review: A big phone finally grows up Quelle: It has all of the same high points as its smaller sibling -- the striking design and build quality, the awesome screen, the exceptional camera -- and it also introduces a more ergonomic curved-back design and a major improvement to battery life. And we can't forget about the stylus, which could range from being a massive positive to being an interesting little bonus, depending on your perspective.

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The Google Nexus 6 has the advantage of having been on the market for nearly a year now, and this has brought a significant price drop: The Samsung Galaxy Note5 looks like a costly device in comparison: Put in simple terms, the Galaxy Note5 is clearly the superior phone in most aspects. The Galaxy Note 5 is a premium-built handheld with a jaw-dropping display, one of the best cameras available on a smartphone, and a stylus that finally brings enough real-world usefulness to make regular people notice. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review: Head of its class Quelle: But if you already liked older Galaxy Notes, then we don't see any reason to hesitate about this one.

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The Note 4 was one of our favorite smartphones of , and the Note 5 just jumped to the top of our list. The Note still can't completely mimic the feel of pen and paper, but it's getting closer than you might expect. Throw in some high-powered internals and a tremendous screen and you've got a Note that refines the phablet formula in almost all the right ways.

I thought Samsung hadn't gone far enough with upgrades and new features. However, I quickly became a convert as I lovingly caressed the smooth glass, and live-streamed video of my dog. And it took much less time for me to create a slew of to-dos, reminders and save-for-laters with the S Pen's new Screen-Off memo feature. Continuing Samsung's reign as the King of Phablets Quelle: The tweaks are, in and of themselves, fairly small, but they add up to a much more usable experience that - with features like PDF annotation - address legitimate and common complaints among power users.

The great camera, solid battery life, and incredible display only gild the Note 5's core talents. If Samsung would only cut back on the heavy-handed TouchWiz interface changes and bloatware, it could easily score 5 stars. Samsung Galaxy Note5 review Quelle: In line with the Samsung Galaxy Note tradition, the latest generation is also the most powerful phablet available today by quite a margin.

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As expected, the newcomer's stylus is better than ever with new tricks to go with its clickable release mechanism. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 hands-on review Quelle: It delivers on almost every front: The same but much better Quelle: The Note 5 design is very neat, but it did remove the large-battery capacity of the equation. That said, the Note 5 is easily the best large-display phone on the market, and certainly the best large-display Android phone. The excellent pen user experience is really a bonus on top of that. It certainly doesn't appear to be so at this point, instead it's the carefully thought out upgrade we're used to seeing from Samsung.

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Sure, it has lost a few of its productivity features, and we'll be hearing a lot about its battery. The comments section was barely beginning to accept that it won't be user-replaceable, as the rumored 4,mAh capacity was enough to shake battery anxiety away.

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The actual capacity is nowhere nearly as impressive and the 3,mAh number is less than even the Note II. Premium design; excellent display; nice performance; smart stylus pen; good cameras; long battery life. Endlich kommt das Note auch wieder nach Europa, werden sich viele gesagt haben. Wir haben uns das Galaxy Note 7 dennoch schon mal angesehen.

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Lohnt Sich Das Weiterwarten? Android Pit Wie weiter oben schon angemerkt, handelt es sich beim Galaxy Note 7 um das beste Smartphone, das Samsung bisher auf den Markt gebracht hat. Ein Highlight ist die Stiftfunktion, die Samsung immer wieder um neue Features bereichert. Zu Recht das aktuell beste Smartphone am Markt. Ein Superlativ von einem Smartphone Quelle: Wer das S7 und S7 Edge bisher bewusst ausgelassen hat, um auf das Note 7 zu warten, hat die richtige Entscheidung getroffen.

Spielt das alles keine Rolle, ist das S7 eine gute Wahl. Will man ein grosses, beeindruckendes Smartphone, sollte man sich das Edge genau anschauen. Hinten mit 12, vorne mit 5 Megapixel. Abgespeckt, und das hoffentlich nicht am falschen Ort, hat das Note7 beim Akku und bietet mit Milliamperestunden mAh weniger als das S7 Edge. It's fast, lasts a long time on a charge and boasts a gorgeous — and genuinely useful — dual-edge design. And while I'm not sold on the phone's fussy iris scanner, it's just one of the many excellent security features you get on this phone.

The incompatibility with older phone chargers is also sure to give some buyers a headache; however, I applaud Samsung for embracing USB Type-C, which allows for faster charging and data transfer, and is set to become the standard in the next few years. The Google Pixel XL brings forth a style we have grown very used to in the industry. It has a metal design and a sleek body that has become a standard in the high-end market.